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LILITH is so tricky she has the WHITE MAN thinking he’s the DEVIL.
It’s not about SKIN COLOR, It’s about your works in GOD.
The WHITE MAN thinks he is THE EVIL DEVIL,
Because it is always pointed out to them what they did to the BLACK MAN from
slavery until now. They know that BLACK MEN are the children of GOD, THE
CHOSEN ONES, and I (White Men) have been killing them. We must be the DEVIL.
The WHITE MAN feels CONDEMNED; any one who feels condemned feels like he
might as well continue destroying us. But!!!! Now that he knows that LILITH is the
DEVIL, the White Man is relieved and will now help Adam his brother. Gen. 9:18-22
says that in the later days Japheth will dwell in the tents of Shem who is the father of
Abraham Gen.11:10-27. In Gen. 15:13, it reads Abraham’s children would be carried into
slavery for 400 years which only fits the Black Man of America (Babylon) Japheth is the
Isle of the Gentiles Gen. 10:1-5. The Europeans will be in unity with the Black Man and
will help against Satan LILITH Rev. 12:15-16. They are the world that will help against
the SERPENT (LILITH). This is why the Son is called the comforter because the people
will now see hope. In Prov. 29:2-3 it says, when the righteous ADAM Rules people
Rejoice but when the wicked (HARLOT- LILITH) rule the people, the people mourn and
spend all their substance (money).
So Eve and the White Man are comforted because they Know they are not condemned.
Rev. 7:9-13 all Nations will be with the Lamb, Even most Government people
The BEAST who repent and submit to the FATHER
Ps. 133:1 How good for brethren to dwell together in unity with God sitting on the